Family appointment with God

How nice it is to see a family all in one room doing devotion time. It was a struggle for an individual to do it but if it is practiced and initiated in the family it would be easier both for the parents and children. Doing things at home is like flock of geese flying in a “V” formation, the one at the back of another doesn’t need to exert too much effort to flap its wings to fly. Young kids are sometimes like that, when they see everybody is reading they will read too. When they see adults watching T.V. they will join and watch too. Kids follow what the adults are doing. (Ang ginagawa ng matatanda sa harap ng mga bata, ito man ay mali o tama ay magiging laging tama sa mata ng mga bata.) Ultimately, this attitude can be of good use. As parents, we can show our kids that meeting with the Lord everyday is as special as we are meeting with their grandparents or their favorite cartoon character.

Let us have a habit of reading our Bible, praying and meditating with our kids. Start early in their youth.

Just a friendly reminder from a sinner saved by grace…

To God be the glory!

    • willy
    • November 24th, 2007

    Greetings francis. nice topic about bringing our kids closer to God. my wish is to have a bible study session with my kids once a week. this will also serve as a family time plus meeting and counseling. this way m sure they will be drawn closer to God and grow up walking in His way.

    • extrapreneur
    • November 25th, 2007
  1. Good to hear from you Willy. Your wish was my prayer too. We used to have a regular family altar until assignments and church ministries piled-up. Family altar encouraged my wife and I to pray together and reminded us to be a better model to our kids. On the part of our kids, they made a remarkable improvement in their behavior. The ambiance of our home was full of love. It is now my prayer to have it regularly. Blessings…

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