Our 3D’s… My 4G’s…

family-pix-give-away.jpgWhat else can I say, having three daughters and a wife at home… Yeah, I have 4 girls in my life. So what? Believe (you) me… I am enjoying this situation. But honestly, I do wish to have a son; to carry-on our family name (lineage… tsk tsk tsk). Well, ok… I know, there are already too many “Ang’s” in this world. May be I better start a new trend… stop the virus!!! (hahahaha)

I really do not know what to write or to post. I am just too happy to be with my family after being absent for 2 weeks. Anyways, who cares… (well, my family… duuhh!!!) Owww yeah right…

Just recently, I realized that having 3 daughters is quite a blessing (ok, it is not quite but truly a blessing… my daughters might be reading this… hehehe) Just imagine, my eldest “D” at eight can bathe, feed, and put to sleep her youngest sister (my 3rd “D”), who is, as of the moment, on her 9th month. [so is the second “D”, except the bathing part] And my second “D”, who is at 6, is also quite competitive. She sometimes argues with her sister (older sis) in carrying their sister (yeah the baby) and fight with her older sister over feeding her baby sister too. Because they love her (3rd “D”) so much. Thus, playing her (literally… playing the baby) makes them happy. (smile!!!!)

Many people who knew us said our kids are good (literal translation of “magaling”) and responsible. (Yeah, many thought they are adorable too…) I do agree with them, not that I love my own but those are the truth. However, we (as parents) don’t want to take all the credit. It’s a blessing from God. Yeah, it’s true sa totoo lang (I see eyebrows rising). Well, to tell you the truth… we always say “Our kids are good and responsible because their parents are lazy (literal “tamad”:) ).” You know why? It all boils down to what we “genius” call “strategy”.

When our 3rd “D” was two months old, our 1st “D” wanted to carry her. But we said, “NO!!!!!!!!”, obviously because the baby is too fragile. One time, when we left our baby (3rd “D”… yeah I know you got it already, I’m just making sure somebody wont mixed-up :)) on her crib and our 1st “D” was there with her; she (the 1st “D”) carried her up with out us noticing it. But the next time… hmmm… she wasn’t able to get away with it. (hmmm…. sounds like me when I was a child: “pasaway”) When my wife entered the room silently, she (my wife) saw her(our 1st “D”) carrying her 2 month old sister. Upon noticing that she (my wife) was there, in her surprise (no, not my wife… my 1st “D”…) she dropped her (who her?… the baby).

To cut this long dizzy story short. Instead of telling her not to do it, we taught her how to do it properly. Yehey!!!! Yeah so now, we are so blessed that we have daughters who can help us take care of our daughter. Aren’t you dizzy enough reading this? I told you, this is the reason why having 3 daughters and a wife makes my life so meaningful. Indeed, it is meaningful to have 2 responsible “D’s” and 1 cute, huggable (whatever the spelling… I know you know what I mean…) and playful “D”. And of course the love of my life… my girl…. my wife.

I am happy… very very happy!!!

Our 3 daughters… My 4 girls… What can I ask for?

I hope to follow this up with our “D’s” “dream” when they grow up…

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