Wow!!! Great experience, good food, nice people and the best Jazz music that I have heard so far… I truly thank Rev. Anthony Ang for inviting my wife and I to be his guest in the “Singapore Encore” January 31, 2008. The event was organized by Singapore International Foundation, in partnership with the Singapore Embassy in Manila at One Esplanade, Pasay City. The event was in celebration of the Singapore spirit through music, food and art. They were proud to present a night of enchantment, with performances by Singapore’s premier musicians. Reputed for its exponential growth, Singapore has an ever growing vibrant arts and cultural scene.

This premier musician made my night. I can only stare, listen and open my mouth in awe as I listen to their music. Mr. Jeremy Monteiro is a pianist, vocalist, composer, jazz educator – has won critical acclaims worldwide. He is dubbed as “Singapore’s King of Swings”. He is sooooo great. I love his composition. Indeed, music alone can talk. His quartet was also remarkable; Alemay Fernandez – vocals; Tama Goh- drums; Andrew Lim – guitar and Colin Yong – bass and flute. But their performance would never be as great without our very own filipino musicians: Tots Tolentino – saxophone and 75 years old, Sotero “Terry” Undag – trumpet.

Satay, Laksa, Chicken Rice and Nyonya Desserts were prepared by Chef Sunny Goh, the Executive Chef of the Heritage Hotel Manila.

With us as Rev. Anthony Ang’s guests were my favorite pastor Rev. Dr. David Cheung of ATS, brother Sam and sister Esther of UECP/CEF.

Meeting Singaporeans are like being in Singapore. The accent was there to stay and their hospitality will never be taken for granted. That was the place were I learned many things about Singapore, especially foods :). And the experience was unforgettable.

Mind you… the event was strictly formal… 🙂

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