Puritan Worship

Puritan Worship
A view of worship guided by the Regulative Principle, and other important matters.

There is a growing need to study the doctrine of the church and the doctrine of Worship.  Ignorance on this subject is not bliss since God commands the gathering together of His people for this express purpose (Heb. 10:25).  The Puritans knew worship very well.  Much of their writings were directed to this end.  Worship should be reflected in the entire life of the believer as his manner of glorifying God.  Without worship, men lose a sense of self.  That is why the lost try to fill the void that only worship to the Creator of the Universe is meant to hold.  They have a gnawing sense of emptiness when true worship is not being given to the sustainer of their being.  Worship and the church, then, even on that level alone, is one of the most important, if not the most important doctrine one could study.

The church is also having an identity crisis.  Since they do not know their Bibles, they have lost a sense of who they are before God.  Hopefully some, if not all of these articles will help the church find her identity again, and the people of God will remember again how to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, March, 2002

Cut from “A Puritan’s Mind” website

    • Hiphopster of NMEC
    • June 24th, 2008

    Any Comment about NMEC ?
    Dati akong taga NMEC. Like what you said earlier, I also have a heavy heart before I went there. On the other hand, meron silang ugaling ayoko. They control the minds of the people. They wanted you to dedicate you free time to their church. Isa pa ang pinaka ayoko. Magaling mambola ng tao. Binilog nila ang ulo ko dati. Pero hindi na mabibilog ang ulo ko ngayon. Alam ko na kung ano talaga ang “true” worship. Sa tingin ko kaya ayaw nila mga members nila kasi ayaw nila madiskubre ng mga members kung ano talaga ang mali sa mga tinuturo nila. In short, kapag nagising ka na sa katotohanan, maski anong bola pa nila, hindi ka nila mahahatak. Yung mga youngsters na nandoon, hindi rin sila nag-grow. Naging narrow-minded sila. Kesyo sinabi ni ganito, gagawin nila. . Pero kung ayokong kinukulit o ginugulo ako, nagiging bad ako. Lahat ng galit ko, binuhos ko na dito

  1. There is a saying, “Don’t look at a person or you might be stumbled, therefore look only to God alone.” But what I believe is that, “look at a person and learn not to repeat their mistakes then look up to God to follow His command.” It is good that you learn the mistakes of the church but be careful not to generalize the perception to all the churches. Since you already learned the true worship, may God bless you continually… However, it is important for us to realize that we are all sinners only saved by grace.

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