Love, Courtship and Sex: Question and Answer #1


First of all, we must understand that we do not have the control of another guy’s heart. If ever a friend of yours developed a feelings for you, may be he sees something admirable in you. (We can relate that to admiration or a puppy love or an infatuation wherein a person might develop certain electricity in his/her heart that they thought they are truly in love.) But, your not wanting to have a guy developed a feelings for you is quite normal. And there are many things that you can do to honestly and nicely tell the guy that it would be best if both of you would remain as friends. May be you can tell him that if he pursues you then you would be uncomfortable to be with him. And if you are still in your High School days, then telling your friend indirectly or directly that your focus right now is in your studies.

I had a classmate who is like you. Many guys adored her because of her kindness and Christ-like attitude. But as she consistently turned down guys and friends for the reason of focusing with her studies, people then respected her with her decision.

I am explaining this in the context that you do not want to have any relationship with any guys. But, if your primary concern is only with your guy friend (specifically), then it would be better for you to tell him straight forward that you can only treat him as a friend that if he will pursue courting you then you would be uncomfortable and your friendship would be at stake.

I hope I was able to answer your question.


All are welcome to give comments and suggestions.

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