Benedict Tan

  1. Do you believe that the world will end at 2012? – No, I never believe in the predictions concerning the End Times. (Matt. 24:36)


  1. 2. Will all present Israelites go to heaven? No matter their fault? Even if they have not accepted Jesus Christ in the their hearts because they are God’s chosen people. (I heard another pastor say this.) – NO!!!! The New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:33-34 speaks of the faith each believer will receive through the Holy Spirit. They need to accept Jesus as their Savior before they will be saved. The same thing with us gentiles. No Jesus as savior and Lord, No salvation. (May I know who is this pastor? J)


  1. 3. The other Books that were rejected by the church are the stories in these books true? Why were they rejected? – The stories in the Apocryphal books were not validated as true, at least by the council who approves of canonizing the books of the Bible. They were rejected because they were not able to meet the standards set by the council.


  1. Who came first the caveman? Or Adam and Eve? – Are you sure about this question? Isn’t it that Adam is the first human being created by God? So, who do you think came first? But I give you credit for making me smile… J


  1. 5. Do you believe in divorce? – Yes, I do. I only accept divorce based on Biblical teaching.
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