Bradley Tadles

  1. 1. How will we know if a person goes to heaven or hell? – A person who confessed that he is a sinner and Christ is his savior will go to heaven. Only through the person’s outward confession that we will know if he is going to heaven or not. But definitely, a person who doesn’t have Jesus as his personal savior will never enter the kingdom of God. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6


  1. 2. Will you go to hell if you aren’t baptized yet? – Baptism is not a requirement for a person to go to heaven. The only requirement God decreed is, as I have said, to accept by faith that Jesus is Christ, meaning savior, and Lord. Jesus said, “…whoever believes in me will have everlasting life.” John 3:16

  1. What will happen to people if they accept God, but don’t accept His gift of salvation? – A lot of people believe in god, take not small “g”. There are people who believe in God, the Father. But to be saved, you need a savior, only the people who accepts Jesus as savior will go to heaven. Many religious sects and group believe in God but not in Jesus as savior, they are considered “Cult”. Without a savior, how can you be saved?


  1. How do people look like in Heaven? – There are many arguments about this issue but one thing is sure, we will have glorified bodies. It is like the body of Christ when he appeared to many people when he resurrected. John 21


  1. 5. Why do Catholics focus more on Mary, and why do they have idols even though in the 10 commandments it says, “no one should worship other gods but God alone”?      – These are good questions.

1. The Roman Catholics focused more on Mary because of their unbiblical belief that Mary is immaculate and she can intercede for us to speed up our prayers in Jesus, because Jesus is her son. They believe that Mary is in authority over Jesus, which is not true. Read Mark 3:31-35 (Who is the Mother and brother of Jesus?).  If the argument about Jesus obeying his mom at Cana will be brought up, was it just but normal for him to set an example to his disciples? (To obey your parents in the Lord) And better check the underlying reason why Jesus did it at John 2:11-12.

2. If you read the Ten Commandments placed outside the Roman Catholic Church, they deleted that commandment. (That will be your assignment, check it out and compare the 10 commandments of the R.C to your Bible in Exodus 20. J) I think many people are worshiping idols because of the false witnessing the devotees are doing, especially the miracles of the wooden carved images. People were led into a belief without reading their Bibles. Besides, who among the Roman Catholic reads the Bible? In fact, they were not allowed to read the Bible, only the Pope can. (According to Church and World History.)

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