Charlie Ong

  1. 1. If those who are chosen by God goes to heaven does it mean that the rest automatically goes to hell? – Yes.


  1. If we don’t know who are God’s chosen people then how do we know if fellow Christians are saved? – We can only based on their confession and the way they live their life. Confession, that they are sinners and saved by God’s grace through having faith in Jesus Christ. Way of life, means lifestyle where in we became more Christ-like each day.


  1. Is everyone saved if they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior? – Yes, whoever genuinely received Jesus as Savior and Lord will surely be saved.


  1. Does God love those He didn’t choose? – Yes, God exercise His love by providing to the believers and non-believers things that will make them live. (e.g. sun, rain, air, etc.) But for the elect, they are saved in the next life.


  1. Is the Holy Spirit found in everyone? – The Holy Spirit is in all the believers only. (Read John chapter 3, having the Holy Spirit is being “born-again”.)
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