Clarisse Mirhan

  1. Are Roman Catholics and Christians both children of God? What about Judaism? – Men will be called the children of God only when they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is not about the tag of religion but the personal relationship with Christ.


  1. Why do people of the Roman Catholic think the Pope is infallible even if he is also human? – That is also my question to them. Better ask a priest (so that, there will be no bias) then check the Bible if it is Biblical. J


  1. 3. How can you tell that you are assured of salvation? – Believe, faith in Christ (John 3:16), Bear fruit, live with true faith (amidst, persecution) in Christ (Matt. 7:12-27).


  1. 4. How did the Roman Catholic get their traditions? – Long story, you can google this question. J

  1. Is holy water really holy? – No. It is just ordinary water. Bible doesn’t teach that too.


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