Derek Sy

  1. 1. Are their different Christian beliefs? – If you are referring to denomination, there are many but mostly have the same essential belief. (Baptist, Alliance, Presbyterian and so on…) And there are also some who called themselves as Christians but they do not believe and accept Christ as God, and as savior and Lord; they are identified as “cults”.


  1. 2. How can we be assured of going to heaven? – Assurance of going to heaven is upon one’s true faith.

  1. 3. Does God treat Catholics and Christians equal? – They are equal in God’s eyes however, people who will received Him will get their rewards in heaven, but to all the things they do here, in this world, they will all reap their rewards and consequences here. Remember the story of David, when he sinned, he reap the wrath of God. His son died and his children’s fight one another. But when we follow the will of God, we will reap good fruit. It is like, when you study hard you will pass the test, if you didn’t you will fail. God is just.


  1. How do we know that there are chosen people? – The Bible says so. (e.g. Ephesians 1:3-4, John 10…)


  1. 5. Are there chosen people in the Catholics? –  We all belong to the Catholic Church. If you are referring to Roman Catholic, see explanation number 3.

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