Hannah Samantha Key

  1. If someone was not chosen person of God, then he/she accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and savior, will he/she still be saved? Why or Why not? – If one truly received Christ therefore he is chosen. That is the only way you can know if one is chosen or not.  If one is not chosen, that one will never ever truly receive Christ as savior.


  1. Why did God allow people to live when He knows He’s not going to choose them? Why should there be people suffering in hell? –  According to His sovereign will. Only God can answer that. This is what He revealed to us through His Word. This is the question I am to ask God when I meet Him in heaven.



  1. 3. What is the purpose of life and the teachings of the gospel when all people can be saved? – Yeah, true what is the purpose? If all are saved, no need for that right?


  1. 4. Why did Jesus Christ only die for some chosen men and not for all? – Only God can answer this question. But according to His Word, this is His based on His sovereign will.


  1. If God all loves all the people in the world, why does he choose from them and not save all? – God is love, but He also is just. First of all, it is in the Bible that God chooses His people (John 10, Eph. 1). It would seem unfair, remember, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). We are all bound to hell; it was just through God’s sovereign grace that He had chosen some to be saved. The fairness is that all must go to hell, the mercy part is God making some saved. But God treated us equally in this world, we enjoy the same benefits the other do, like sunshine, air, plants, and more. But we must understand the gravity of our sins first, before we ask if the Lord is fair or unfair. How do you take the sins you have committed? How repentant were you whenever you sin against the Lord? These are the “fair” questions we need to ask ourselves. The problem with us people, we always want God to play fair for our benefit. Will we, people, accept fairness just to benefit others? I doubt, people will think that way, if so, we should have not ask the fairness question in the first place.
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