Hassell Uy

  1. Is it possible for gays, who remained gays even on their deathbed, who believe in God to go to heaven? – If a gay believe in God and reads his Bible he will no longer remain homosexuals. God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve (Read Genesis Chapter 1). Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? They were homosexuals (Read 1Corinthians 6). When we accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, we are expected to follow His Words. We are now new creature. (2Corinthians 5:16-21)


  1. Then say that we should not repeat a prayer over and over again, so is it okay to recite Hail Mary? – First of all, we must define prayer. Prayer is a communication between man and God. If we are to communicate to the Father, we need to be careful and mean what we say. Treat it as if you are talking to a king. How would you talk to him? Reciting Hail Mary is useless. The Lord cares for what we say from our hearts.


  1. 3. Is it okay for a Christian not to go to church but reads the Word of God? – If you say you are a believer, reading the Word alone will not help you. As humans, we are living organism that needs fellowship. Going to church is listening to the Word of God explained and having fellowship with fellow believers. We are encouraged to do that. Read 1John. Look at the apostles, they come to fellowship and discuss Biblical matters.


  1. 4. Why is it a sin to have many wives in our days, when in the time of Abraham it was ok to have many wives and some of them were even honored people of God? – It is a sin because the Lord says it is. They were allowed but they did face consequences from having many wives. Some are honored because they are repentant of their sins and turned to God for remissions of sin. Just look at David, he suffered a lot because of his adulterous act. But God was pleased with the way he confesses his sin against God.


  1. What would happen to a person who changed religion from Christian to another, would he be punished heavily? – All who do not accept Jesus, as Savior and Lord will be thrown to hell. Whether you change your religion or you murder or you lied or you do good or charity and so on… as long as you do not have a savior in Jesus you will be punished the same punishment, eternal suffering. Small sin, medium sin and big sin are “SIN” period. Sin is falling short of the glory of God. And only through the blood of Jesus Christ we can be righteous.
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