Jaime Mirhan

  1. What if a person has accepted Christ in his heart and prays everyday, but he doesn’t go to church nor reads the Bible. Then will he still be saved? – True acceptance means you are now living in the economy of God and not of man. Going to church may not be a requirement but doing so may help one improve his spiritual growth. Accepting and not doing the command of God may be considered hallow faith. If one truly believes in the Lord he will make it a point to worship God with fellow believers. Many people who fall into the trap of “Easy Believism” or “Cheap Salvation”, meaning receiving the Gospel just because you want to go to heaven but not to the point of living the life our heavenly Father desires us to live.
  2. 2. Will the Roman Catholics be saved by God? – Salvation is not based on what religion you are in. Let me clarify this, salvation is based on one’s true relationship with Christ. There are people who consider themselves Roman Catholic just because they were raised that way but their belief is based biblical truth (no worshipping of idols, sacraments doesn’t saves, only Jesus can wash away sins). Therefore, it boils down to what is salvation. The basis of salvation is no other than receiving by faith that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Savior – only Christ is the means of salvation. Lord- since He paid the price of our sins, He now owns us and therefore we need to serve (obeying His commands) Him as master.
  3. Is Mary considered an idol for Protestants? – For the protestant, Mary is just an ordinary human being, capable of sinning and was born with the original sin. Worshiping an image of Mary is considered idol worshipping.
  4. Does a person really need to choose between Catholicism and Protestantism, can’t a person be saved if he has no religion as long as he is a Christian? He isn’t a Catholic nor a Protestant. – Please base my answer on questions 1 and 2. It is not about religion per se but relationship with Christ.
  5. 5. Are Catholics and Protestants equal in God’s eyes even though Catholics believe in praying to the saints and Mary? – They are equal in God’s eyes however, people who will received Him will get their rewards in heaven, but to all the things they do here, they will all face the same rewards and consequences. Remember the story of David, when he sinned, he reap the wrath of God. His son died and his children’s fight one another. But when we follow the will of God, we will reap good fruit. It is like, when you study hard you will pass the test, if you didn’t you will fail. God is just. So if one will worship or pray to the saints or Mary, the Lord will not be happy about that because in His commandment He forbids worshipping anything, anyone “… for the Lord our God is a Jealous God” (Exodus 20). Praying is a form of worship.
  6. 6. If #4 wasn’t really that understandable, a clearer version of the question would be, do Christians really need to be classified, Protestant or Catholic? – Honestly, it is not about the classification, it is about the way we truly live our life and devote our faith.
    • J. Mirhan
    • November 22nd, 2009

    Thank u pastor, this really helped.

  1. You are welcome Jaime. Sorry for some typo error. In case you have any question just drop by the office or post it here. Pleasure is all mine. Again “Know what you believe and why you believe it.”

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