Jamila Uy

  1. The sign of the cross is a big issue between Protestant and Roman Catholics. Why don’t Protestant do the sign of the cross? Doesn’t it symbolize the Holy Trinity which both Protestant and Catholics believe in?  – Some protestant are making a big issue out of it, but I do not think there is an issue in the sign of the cross. May do it or not. It will not make you more holy if you do or more sinner if you don’t. Just respect. The problem lies on the motive of doing it not on the act of doing it. Do the Roman Catholic believer know what is it for? Where in the Bible can you find the sign of the cross? Was it required?


  1. 2. If God’s people are already pre-chosen by Him, what about those who haven’t been chosen? Will they just go to hell? What if they decide to be saved? Will they be sent to hell still? – First, if not chosen, directly goes to hell. Second, if they decided to believe, meaning to say they were chosen. No one will truly believe if he is not chosen.


  1. 3. Does purgatory exist or not? When a person dies, his soul directly goes to heaven or hell, according to Protestant belief. That would mean that that person would already receive God’s judgment. But isn’t judgment day on the 2nd coming of Jesus? If that were true, wouldn’t the souls of the dead still be waiting for the judgment? – Purgatory doesn’t exist.  When one dies, the soul will go directly to heaven or hell (Read Luke 16:19-31). The soul will experience the preliminary judgment (meaning those went to hell will already suffer, while in heaven will be rejoicing, the place can be considered, the lobby of heaven or hell) but one day, when the Lord will judge men, the gates of hell will be opened and there they will experience the pain and suffering that they never experienced before.

  1. Protestants believe that once a person is saved, he is forever saved. But what about saved Christians who sin again? And like if they commit a huge sin, are they still considered saved? – Did Jesus Christ die only of your past sins? Or did He die for all your sins? Jesus Christ died for all our sins, and only through His blood that our sins will be washed away. However, as true Christians, we will be sinning lesser and lesser as we know the will of the Lord to us. We will focus on glorifying God rather than glorifying Satan. If a “Christian” keeps on sinning after receiving the Christ, that is a questionable belief. He did not truly received Christ as Lord and Savior.


  1. Protestants believe that one can be saved through faith alone; Roman Catholics believe that one can be saved through faith and good works. Which is right? How about Christians who are faithful but don’t do God’s commandments, like telling about God’s Word? Is believing in God enough? – The Bible said “we are justified by grace through faith alone so that no one will boast” (Eph. 2:1-10). If God is our Lord and Savior aren’t we to obey His commands? If so, the one who is “faithful” is not faithful after all. If he is, he will do the commandment of God. Can one be faithful yet unfaithful?  Having faith in God is enough to be saved, but how will you prove you have faith? (Read Matt. 7:12-27)


  1. 6. When Jesus gave Peter the key and made him the first pope, doesn’t that mean we should believe that the apostles can intercede for us and send up our prayers? Also Mary, she was considered the first disciple? What about the saints? Are they to be believed or not? – Where in the Bible can we find that Jesus gave Peter the key and made him first pope? Nowhere. And how did you connect this with prayer of intercession? No connection at all. About Mary being the first disciple, where in the Bible can we find it? But the Bible talks a lot about the saints; the saints that were addressed there were living Christians. Read the greetings of Paul (Rom. 1:7, Eph. 1:18, 1Thess. 3:13, Jude 1:3). We will only believe on what is written in the Bible and not on what man say. I can see that you are struggling a lot about these things you hear or you practice, may I suggest you to go and read your Bible and look for someone to explain to you what it means. Look for qualified pastor to explain the Bible to you more so you can join Bethany Fellowships and I always entertain questions like this. Because my motto is “Know what you believe and why you believe it.”

  1. 7. Protestants believe that one should pray only to Jesus and not the saints or Mary to intercede for us. But isn’t Jesus God? Aren’t they one and the same? The Holy Trinity is one, right? – We only pray through Jesus because He is the only mediator God have provided for us. No one can replace the role of Jesus Christ. When we pray, we pray directly to God through Jesus’ name. You are right, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is one. The same in substance equal in power and authority. But God sent Jesus to be our mediator so that can come to God. Jesus’ righteousness is the key for us to be able to communicate with God. Therefore, no one can replace Jesus because no one is as perfect as Jesus.


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