Karen Marces

  1. 1. What happens to a Catholic who doesn’t complete all the sacraments like marriage or baptism? – Nothing. Are you referring to Roman Catholic sacraments? If yes, my answer would be, “I do not know”. Even my friend priest, doesn’t know the answer. But in my humble understanding of their belief, they will go to purgatory and wait for their loved ones to light a candle and do penance for them. But in Protestantism, you will be single forever if you do not get married and you are just not baptized if you do not baptized. J Meaning, nothing will happen however, we encourage you to be baptized if you truly have faith in Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Baptism for us is an outward expression of our inward faith.


  1. Why does the Roman Catholic Bible have extra books? – They added the extra books during the counter-reformation so that they can explain the existence of purgatory in their “canonized” Bible.


  1. What do you think the sign of the cross? – It is just an act of respect for the Roman Catholic believers. Better respect those who do it.


  1. If people are religious then why do some believe in ghosts and other superstitious? – There are religions believing in ghosts (stories) and practices superstitious belief. I would say that they are ignorant of the Bible. They do not understand the Bible. For more of this better if we can talk in person. This is a bit sensitive for some people. But basically, ghosts stories are just man made imaginations. There are evil spirits, but no moo-moo. Once a person dies, that person’s soul goes directly to heaven or hell. No souls will be left here on earth.


  1. What do you think about some people claiming that the world will end 2012? – Isn’t that a movie? J Honestly, those people are Biblically ignorant. Even Jesus told his disciples that no one knows when the end will come except God (Matt. 24:36).
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