Michelle Alviar

  1. When did the idea of purgatory first begin? – It begun a long time ago (but was rejected by the canonization committee), but resurfaced after Martin Luther questioned the practice of indulgence. Therefore, during the counter-reformation era, the Roman Catholic brought in the Apocryphal books to defend the teaching of purgatory.


  1. 2. Is there still fighting between Protestant and the Roman Catholic church today? – There is no more physical fighting between the Protestant and Roman Catholic. Today, people are more tolerant that before. We now respect one another’s belief.


  1. When will one be called a “saint”? – Once a person received Christ as his personal Lord and savior, a person is already called the saint of God.


  1. What exactly is the purpose of the 7 Apocryphal books? – already answered in question number 1.


  1. Why is the Pope seen as inerrant to (by) the Roman Catholics? – Better ask a Catholic priest to answer this and check it in the Bible if the Bible says Pope is inerrant. J
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