Sharmaine Li

  1. Pastor Ang, you said that God chooses the people He saves. Isn’t it unfair for the others who weren’t chosen? – First of all, it is in the Bible that God chooses His people (John 10, Eph. 1). It would seem unfair, but remember, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). We are all bound to hell; it was just through God’s sovereign grace that He had chosen some to be saved. The fairness is that all must go to hell, the mercy part is God making some saved. But God treated us equally in this world, we enjoy the same benefits the other do, like sunshine, air, plants, and more. But we must understand the gravity of our sins first, before we ask if the Lord is fair or unfair. How do you take the sins you have committed? How repentant were you whenever you sin against the Lord? These are the “fair” questions we need to ask ourselves. The problem with us people, we always want God to play fair for our benefit. Will we, people, accept fairness just to benefit others? I doubt, people will think that way, if so, we should have not ask the fairness question in the first place.


  1. 2. If a person truly (follows the commandment) believes in God is it possible that he still goes to hell (…if he wasn’t chosen)? – Believing in God by following his commandments, is believing in God through the power of one’s good work. Remember, the basis of our salvation is not how well we perform and obey the commandment of God, (besides, was there anyone who can follow all the commandments of the Lord without violating it? Hmmm…. “No one is good not even one” Mark 10:18.) but by (genuine) faith in Jesus Christ. If you, by faith accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and savior, then you are chosen and will go to heaven. To better understand my explanation, read Mark 10:17-31.

  1. If someone was chosen by God and he gets save but doesn’t go through one sacrament (Protestant: 2 sacraments) which is baptism, will they still go to heaven? – Sacraments are not means of salvation (for the protestant, but the Catholics will say it is a means of salvation). As long as you have genuine faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, you will be saved. Sacraments are taken by faith as to commemorate and celebrated the goodness, mercy and grace of our Lord.


  1. If predestination is by God’s decree and since He loves us. Wouldn’t He choose us all because He love us? – God is love, but He also is just. Refer more to my answer on question number 1.
  2. If God sent Jesus to die on the cross to save us, and a person believes and glorifies Him and knows that he is saved by Jesus blood… but if he wasn’t chosen… would he still go to heaven? – If one person genuinely accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, it means he is chosen. However, if the faith is not genuine, he is just like the others who profess faith because he wanted to earn a ticket to heaven. To be a Christian is not easy, you need to proved to the world that you are truly a Christian. If Jesus Christ proved His love by dying on the cross, what can we do to prove to the world we have faith in Him? It is through our fruit. The fruit of being a Christian. Read Galatians 5:16-26.
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