Vincent Ian Alo

  1. What do you think about the sign of the cross? –  It is just an act of respect for the Roman Catholic believers. Better respect those who do it.


  1. 2. If you have a treasured friend and you have been best buds for a long time but the only thing is that both believe in different religion, would there be possibility that religion can affect the friendship? – I have a best friend who is not a Christian and I do have Christian best friend. It all depends on you, how you respect each other’s belief.


  1. Regarding the end of the world or the last days, I have seen a video that talked about it but as far as I know no one knows about the exact date of the last day or Christ’s second coming, while looking at the video, it threatened me about the philosophies of Mayans, Chinese and many others that the year 2012 is the end of the world. This concerns many people believing in it also. Should they keep believing and keep things going? – You are correct in saying that no one knows when will the end of the world occur, I encourage you to continue with you stand because it is Biblical (Matt. 24:36). Those people who are declaring that as the end of the world are false prophets mentioned in Matthew 24:24. Do not let the thought of the “End Times” bother you but make use of your time in evangelizing so that if tomorrow Jesus will come, you have already done your job. I believe that we must not rest on waiting on the signs of the “END TIMES” but rather live as if tomorrow will be the “END”.


  1. We know that in the Christian life, there are only 66 books in the Bible, but in the Catholic there are additional books “How do they differ?” – The Roman Catholic church added the 7 books of the Apocrypha to defend purgatory. We reject the teaching of Purgatory. We consider these books as extra biblical book.


  1. What is your stand on putting crucifixes in homes? –  First of all, what kind of Crucifix? 2nd, for what purpose? First, if you will put Crucifix (only the cross without Jesus nailed) it is ok. Why? Because Christ is no longer hanging there and we have been celebrating His resurrection. Second, if only for a sign or display, it is ok. No, if will be worshiped and treated as if it is holy.


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