Interview A Pastor

1. How does the pastor help the church?
2. How does the parish become faithful to the 5 marks of the Catholic church ( one, holy, apostolic, catholic and marian devotion)
3. How does the parish help the church as people of God grow?
4. How can the youth help the parish?


1. Pastors are considered shepherd of God’s flock (the church). Pastors nurture his flock with God’s Word, God’s ways and the Gospel.

They uses God’s Word to continue to reveal God’s specific revelation to His people. Some even uses Reformed Catechisms to teach the flock systematically the doctrine that we confess.

Pastors also have to lead the flock by example; living in this world to identified as “the people of God”, we must heed the challenge of James, the brother of Jesus, to prove our faith with our works. Pastors are to instruct the flock to live a righteous life (even social works) not because it is a requirement for salvation but a way of life of a saved man, who was redeemed by the blood of Christ.

It is also a must for a pastor to help remind the flock to where our faith all began, that is the Gospel. That Jesus Christ lived a perfect life as man, died a miserable death yet without sin but become sin for the sake of the children of God; rose to life after three days and declared victory over sin and death; wherein His main purpose of doing so is to glorify His Father, Yahweh.

2. Our church believed in the universal church in which we are included. The Church that we are in remain faithful in the Catholic Church as we faithfully believe in the 5 Pillars of Christianity. We who are evangelical protestant remain faithful to God, to Christ and to the Holy Spirit as we confess that (1) Scriptures alone is our standard in living, that (2) by Christ’s work alone are we saved, that (3) our salvation is by grace alone, (4) justified by faith alone to (5) the glory of God alone.

3. This question as been answered already in #1. I was just too detailed in answering number 1.

4. The youth can help the church in participating in learning the Word of God, sharing the Gospel, helping in some ways to assist Sunday School teachers or Bible Study leaders, maintaining the cleanliness of the church surroundings and taking care of church property, participating in outreach programs of the church and a lot more. The help youth can give will always be limitless.

To God be the glory!!!

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