Back… Where I Belong!!!

“Can I still teach?” “Do I still have the ‘it’?” “Can I handle the students?” thoughts bugging me this morning. 

On the way to school was just like any ordinary traveling routine (45 mins). Arriving the gates of the school, seeing students arriving, realization seeks in… “This is it. Today is the day!”

From “Good Morning, Pastor!” for the past eight years to “Good Morning, Mr. Ang!” (again). I just got the feeling of the past. But no more canteen, no more Manang and no more Lita to meet me with my breakfast (I miss them all). But yet, the feeling got back to me and said… “I am back!”

In the faculty room, co-workers ask, “How’s your first day?” I can’t find a word to describe it… just uttered… “Ok naman… with a smile :)” But deep inside, I was shouting, “I’m Back, this is Where I Belong.” 

Now, just got home… excited for tomorrow’s class.

Excited going to MGC New Life this morning; excited yet again to go tomorrow. What can I say? Students are great. Co-workers are awesome. God is magnificent!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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