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Hosea 1-14 (Summary)

by: Daniel Chua

Third Year High School

MGCNewLife Christian Academy

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

Hosea 1:

Hosea, a prophet of God, was ordered by God to marry a prostitute. He did so and married Gomer. He was also commanded to name his three children as Jezreel (indicates God’s judgement on the Isrealites), Lo-Ruhamah (means not loved), and Lo-Ammi (means not my people). The Lord told him to do this to show the Israelites that God had forsaken them because they had forsaken Him. They were no longer His people.

Hosea 2:

God compared Israel to a woman who turned to other men for worldly desires. Israel was compared to a prostitute who gave up all the love and blessings God had given her and rejected it for the lust of others. God stripped her off, made her barren, and rejected her children of adultery; but God gave her a chance to come back, and the day will come where God will show her endless love. He will show her His mercy and compassion and protect her, and she will come back and love Him too. The Lord will tell the people whom He rejected and hated that He accepts and loves them once more.

Hosea 3:

God told Hosea to love his wife as much as He loves Israel. Hosea should show acceptance and love to his wife. He gave her gifts and told her to be loyal to Him. This symbolized the Israelites return to God’s loving embrace after many years of forsaking Him.

Hosea 4:

Hosea spoke to the Israelites as God’s prophet. The Israelites were full of immorality, unrighteousness, and crimes. Because of this, God did not bless them. All of them had sinned, and God shall punish them. They rejected God’s wisdom and God, and God then rejected them from being His people. The Israelites sinned greatly. God did not bless them with success and greatness despite their efforts because they chose other gods. The Lord asked them to not bring Judah into immorality also. The Lord disowned the Israelites and will bring judgement to them.

Hosea 5:

The crimes of Israel were not hidden. God knew all that they did, and He will not let them go unpunished. Sin had corrupted their hearts and had prevented them from returning to God. Though they tried to seek God, they would not find Him. They despised God. The Israelites were being warned for the coming judgement. After the Lord delivers justice, the Israelites would seek Him once more for forgiveness.

Hosea 6:

Hosea told the Israelites to seek the Lord once more. He had given His judgement for them to see Him once more. He would let them recover because He loves them. He would show Himself again to the Israelites if they truly sought Him. The Lord gave judgement for He saw Israel being defiled and their covenant broken, but the Lord will restore them.

Hosea 7:

The Lord saw all the sins Israel had committed. Nothing is hidden from His sight. They fulfilled their earthly desires and rejected God. All of their rulers failed because they did not seek God. The Lord described Ephraim as someone who mingled with many different people, unknowing that the others took advantage of him. Because of his pride, he did not seek God. Because Israel was not loyal, easily fooled, and mislead, God will strike them down by letting other nations conquer them for them to seek Him, the one true God, once more.

Hosea 8:

The Israelites tried to call out to God, but He did not answer because the Israelites made and worshipped their own man-made idols. They no longer sought God’s guidance and were influenced by the evil nations around them. The Lord saw how the Israelites had fallen into sin. Though they thought they were still worshipping God, they had already fallen into sin. Israel shall be punished for the evil that they had committed. They will reap the evil they had sown, and nothing can protect them from the coming judgement.

Hosea 9:

Israel should not be happy for all the earthly pleasure they had attained because they had rejected God by doing that. The Lord would no longer provide for them and protect them against their enemies. They offered unclean “sacrifices” unto the Lord. The Lord would allow the other nations to conquer Israel for all the unrighteousness they had committed. The Israelites did not heed the words of the prophet from God and continued their sinful ways. Israel was once a faithful nation to God, compared to the first fruits of a tree; but once they worshipped other false idols and gods, they turned away. Because of this, God would curse them and make them barren. God would no longer let them prosper and flourish as a nation and would let them be conquered by others because of all their wickedness.

Hosea 10:

Israel had been blessed by the Lord, but they have squandered this and worshipped other gods. God showed that all these other gods and idols were nothing. They were powerless and useless. They could not protect them or help them at all. All the kingdoms and nations who relied on their earthly kings and false idols would all crumble and fall. God would give Israel countless trials and problems, so through those, they might seek Him once again. Despite this, Israel still did not seek God. They depended on worldly help from kings, nations, and false idols. Because of this, God would punish and destroy the king of Israel.

Hosea 11:

God really truly loved Israel from the beginning. It was compared to a parent’s love to his child. God guided and protected Israel every step of the way, yet they still grew far from Him. Israel had ignored Him; they no longer considered Him as their God, even if they said He was. The Israelites deserved all the judgement and wrath of God for all the sins they had committed, but God is a loving and compassionate God. Ultimately, all God desired for Israel was for them to come back to Him and love Him again. Israel all hated and sinned against God, but He still loved them.

Hosea 12:

Israel continued in their sinful ways. They relied on the nations around them. Hosea remembered the days of Jacob where he had asked for God’s help always. He longed for Israel to return to God. Because of Israel’s pride, God would make them humble again and would make them low. The Lord had been with Israel always, even out of Egypt. He used the prophets to speak and warn His people about the wrong they were committing. He had always been there for the Israelites, yet they still did not seek Him again. Because of Israel’s anger, guilt, and sin, God would judge them.

Hosea 13:

Israel grew more in their sin. Their leaders were successful but fell into idol worship and fell. They made idols, images, and gods for themselves. Because of this, they had become nothing and worthless in the eyes of God. Israel became proud, forgetting that all their success and wealth came from God and God alone. Since they turned against God, God would destroy them. No earthly king and nation could save them from His wrath and judgement because God was the one who gave them a king in the first place. He had the power to remove them also. God wanted the Israelites to be free from death and in His presence forever; but because of their sins, Israel would fall and be destroyed. God would have no compassion.

Hosea 14:

The Lord asked Israel through Hosea to return back to Him. Sin had separated the people with God. They had to confess of their evil works and admit that no one else can save them from this sin because only God is almighty. If they did this, God would return back to them. He would love them endlessly and bless them bountifully. Israel would be a great nation once more. He would have mercy and compassion to His people. He would make Israel thrive and flourish because He had always loved them. Hosea concluded by saying that God is truly wise and righteous. He hoped that Israel’s eyes would be open and heed the Lord’s warnings to repent and turn back to Him.