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Love, Courtship and Sex: Question and Answer #2


– Definitely not. What I mean when I said that “you only start dating and courting when you are ready to get married” is when you are already old enough, capable enough to start a family. Remember, that marriage is a sacred one. We cannot treat it as a “Bahay-bahayan” or in bisaya if I am correct is “balay-balayan”. You will only be ready in marriage if you already have a stable job that could support a family, you are matured enough to handle a married life, you should be at the right age, in accordance to the family code of the Philippines, and (not or) if you already prayed for it. Therefore, I would suggest to you that you should not get into a relationship unless you are old enough. Being in grade school, I would say that you are still very young to be in love. What you are feeling is only “Puppy love”. If you will get into a relationship, of course the feeling of being cared for and of being in love is indeed very very good, however, that feelings will not last and when the time comes that you will be separating, you or the other person will still not escape the pain of being broken hearted. In other words, the relationship will definitely not last because it’s too premature yet the pain will be as painful as you have been maturely in love. In any case, especially if you are a girl, many boys will have a hard time respecting you. Having many relationships during your youth will somehow jeopardize your respectability as a Christian woman.


Love, Courtship and Sex: Question and Answer #1


First of all, we must understand that we do not have the control of another guy’s heart. If ever a friend of yours developed a feelings for you, may be he sees something admirable in you. (We can relate that to admiration or a puppy love or an infatuation wherein a person might develop certain electricity in his/her heart that they thought they are truly in love.) But, your not wanting to have a guy developed a feelings for you is quite normal. And there are many things that you can do to honestly and nicely tell the guy that it would be best if both of you would remain as friends. May be you can tell him that if he pursues you then you would be uncomfortable to be with him. And if you are still in your High School days, then telling your friend indirectly or directly that your focus right now is in your studies.

I had a classmate who is like you. Many guys adored her because of her kindness and Christ-like attitude. But as she consistently turned down guys and friends for the reason of focusing with her studies, people then respected her with her decision.

I am explaining this in the context that you do not want to have any relationship with any guys. But, if your primary concern is only with your guy friend (specifically), then it would be better for you to tell him straight forward that you can only treat him as a friend that if he will pursue courting you then you would be uncomfortable and your friendship would be at stake.

I hope I was able to answer your question.


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Puritan Worship

Puritan Worship
A view of worship guided by the Regulative Principle, and other important matters.

There is a growing need to study the doctrine of the church and the doctrine of Worship.  Ignorance on this subject is not bliss since God commands the gathering together of His people for this express purpose (Heb. 10:25).  The Puritans knew worship very well.  Much of their writings were directed to this end.  Worship should be reflected in the entire life of the believer as his manner of glorifying God.  Without worship, men lose a sense of self.  That is why the lost try to fill the void that only worship to the Creator of the Universe is meant to hold.  They have a gnawing sense of emptiness when true worship is not being given to the sustainer of their being.  Worship and the church, then, even on that level alone, is one of the most important, if not the most important doctrine one could study.

The church is also having an identity crisis.  Since they do not know their Bibles, they have lost a sense of who they are before God.  Hopefully some, if not all of these articles will help the church find her identity again, and the people of God will remember again how to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, March, 2002

Cut from “A Puritan’s Mind” website

My Graduation Testimony

It is a privilege to be used by God but it is more honored to be a minister of God’s Word. And I thank the Lord for this grand opportunity to be trained to become a mighty vessel in the expansion of His kingdom in the coming years.

The Lord has used Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) as a pruning tool—the Lord has cleanse me from the ignoble things, so that I could be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Lord and prepared to do any good work. Moreover, BSOP is instrumental in imparting to me the importance of relationship, excellence, abilities, and practice.

Relationship. The inter-racial and inter-cultural community of BSOP was a challenge. Living together with people of different culture is challenging and a great opportunity to adjust and understand them in order to live harmoniously.

Excellence. The training that I underwent was tough. The assignments were thought-provoking and the exams pushed me to my limits. However, I never regretted these ordeals since the Lord made me realize again and again that He will continue to sharpen me so that I would become the kind of servant He wants me to be. As what Paul said, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Abilities. The encouragement of the BSOP administrators and professors in each student’s unique ability allowed me to sharpen my God-given abilities and talents. The Lord has helped me discover some of my untapped potentials through the challenging tasks that I had engaged in.

Practice. As God’s shepherd, I have learned that we must live out servant hood and to practice what we preach. I have to lead the sheep that the Lord has entrusted me by example.

Through my four years of seminary training, the Lord has shown me my weak spots and that I had to depend on Him for wisdom, illumination and guidance.

It is my prayer that everything I learned in BSOP may be passed on to the churches or institutions where I will be serving. To God be the glory.

Good Advice vs. Good News

“At the core of just about every major religion is something we call advice, or a set of instructions intended to help you live a better life. But is that what lies at the heart of the Christian faith? Tips and instructions for personal transformation? Whatever happened to the Christian gospel?” – Michael Horton [Feb. 10, 2008] (http://whitehorseinn .org)

Indeed, more and more preachers are preaching “Good Advice” yet when they preach “Good News” people tend to go home and never come back until a new “good adviser” would come and touch their hearts on Sunday Worships.

Whose fault is it? The preacher’s? or The listener’s?


Wow!!! Great experience, good food, nice people and the best Jazz music that I have heard so far… I truly thank Rev. Anthony Ang for inviting my wife and I to be his guest in the “Singapore Encore” January 31, 2008. The event was organized by Singapore International Foundation, in partnership with the Singapore Embassy in Manila at One Esplanade, Pasay City. The event was in celebration of the Singapore spirit through music, food and art. They were proud to present a night of enchantment, with performances by Singapore’s premier musicians. Reputed for its exponential growth, Singapore has an ever growing vibrant arts and cultural scene.

This premier musician made my night. I can only stare, listen and open my mouth in awe as I listen to their music. Mr. Jeremy Monteiro is a pianist, vocalist, composer, jazz educator – has won critical acclaims worldwide. He is dubbed as “Singapore’s King of Swings”. He is sooooo great. I love his composition. Indeed, music alone can talk. His quartet was also remarkable; Alemay Fernandez – vocals; Tama Goh- drums; Andrew Lim – guitar and Colin Yong – bass and flute. But their performance would never be as great without our very own filipino musicians: Tots Tolentino – saxophone and 75 years old, Sotero “Terry” Undag – trumpet.

Satay, Laksa, Chicken Rice and Nyonya Desserts were prepared by Chef Sunny Goh, the Executive Chef of the Heritage Hotel Manila.

With us as Rev. Anthony Ang’s guests were my favorite pastor Rev. Dr. David Cheung of ATS, brother Sam and sister Esther of UECP/CEF.

Meeting Singaporeans are like being in Singapore. The accent was there to stay and their hospitality will never be taken for granted. That was the place were I learned many things about Singapore, especially foods :). And the experience was unforgettable.

Mind you… the event was strictly formal… 🙂

Our 3D’s… My 4G’s…

family-pix-give-away.jpgWhat else can I say, having three daughters and a wife at home… Yeah, I have 4 girls in my life. So what? Believe (you) me… I am enjoying this situation. But honestly, I do wish to have a son; to carry-on our family name (lineage… tsk tsk tsk). Well, ok… I know, there are already too many “Ang’s” in this world. May be I better start a new trend… stop the virus!!! (hahahaha)

I really do not know what to write or to post. I am just too happy to be with my family after being absent for 2 weeks. Anyways, who cares… (well, my family… duuhh!!!) Owww yeah right…

Just recently, I realized that having 3 daughters is quite a blessing (ok, it is not quite but truly a blessing… my daughters might be reading this… hehehe) Just imagine, my eldest “D” at eight can bathe, feed, and put to sleep her youngest sister (my 3rd “D”), who is, as of the moment, on her 9th month. [so is the second “D”, except the bathing part] And my second “D”, who is at 6, is also quite competitive. She sometimes argues with her sister (older sis) in carrying their sister (yeah the baby) and fight with her older sister over feeding her baby sister too. Because they love her (3rd “D”) so much. Thus, playing her (literally… playing the baby) makes them happy. (smile!!!!)

Many people who knew us said our kids are good (literal translation of “magaling”) and responsible. (Yeah, many thought they are adorable too…) I do agree with them, not that I love my own but those are the truth. However, we (as parents) don’t want to take all the credit. It’s a blessing from God. Yeah, it’s true sa totoo lang (I see eyebrows rising). Well, to tell you the truth… we always say “Our kids are good and responsible because their parents are lazy (literal “tamad”:) ).” You know why? It all boils down to what we “genius” call “strategy”.

When our 3rd “D” was two months old, our 1st “D” wanted to carry her. But we said, “NO!!!!!!!!”, obviously because the baby is too fragile. One time, when we left our baby (3rd “D”… yeah I know you got it already, I’m just making sure somebody wont mixed-up :)) on her crib and our 1st “D” was there with her; she (the 1st “D”) carried her up with out us noticing it. But the next time… hmmm… she wasn’t able to get away with it. (hmmm…. sounds like me when I was a child: “pasaway”) When my wife entered the room silently, she (my wife) saw her(our 1st “D”) carrying her 2 month old sister. Upon noticing that she (my wife) was there, in her surprise (no, not my wife… my 1st “D”…) she dropped her (who her?… the baby).

To cut this long dizzy story short. Instead of telling her not to do it, we taught her how to do it properly. Yehey!!!! Yeah so now, we are so blessed that we have daughters who can help us take care of our daughter. Aren’t you dizzy enough reading this? I told you, this is the reason why having 3 daughters and a wife makes my life so meaningful. Indeed, it is meaningful to have 2 responsible “D’s” and 1 cute, huggable (whatever the spelling… I know you know what I mean…) and playful “D”. And of course the love of my life… my girl…. my wife.

I am happy… very very happy!!!

Our 3 daughters… My 4 girls… What can I ask for?

I hope to follow this up with our “D’s” “dream” when they grow up…